The Académie launches a series of E-learning videos in Iraq

The Académie launches a series of E-learning videos in Iraq

March 2023
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As part of the Innovative Journalism in Iraq (JOII) project designed by the FMM Académie and the international funding department with CFI, a series of educational e-learning videos on the theme of TV reporting was presented in Baghdad during a press conference held on March 5 at the faculty of journalism in the presence of the Ambassador of France to Iraq, Eric Chevallier, the dean of the faculty, Dr Ammar Taher and Antoine Cormery, director of the FMM Académie.

These 25 videos available for free on the Académie's YouTube channel, (accessible by QR Code) were produced in Baghdad in collaboration with Iraki Media Network (Iraqi Public Television) and the Faculty of Journalism of Baghdad. They give Arabic-speaking journalism students the keys to a successful TV report in a simple and didactic way (preparation, security, interview, filming, editing, writing, etc.). Several top France 24 reporters (Amar Al Hameedawi, Mayssa Awad, Tahar Hani, Tatiana Massaad) took part in developing the content by giving their practical advice. These videos are intended to be used in all Iraqi universities. Two other series are in production as part of this project, which runs until 2024.