The Académie in Tunisia

The Académie in Tunisia

October 2022
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The week of October 17 to 20 saw a strong activity within Tunisian television, with 2 Académie missions carried out in parallel, as part of the twinning.

The first concerned the accompaniment and support of programs based on archives, including one on sport with Olivier Fiani and the other one on heritage with Tatiana El Khoury;

The 2nd mission was led by Serge Schick, director of international development and own resources of FMM with the CEO of ETT and his close teams. The aim was to finalize the work previously carried out to support television in a program and programming strategy, while identifying the priority actions to be carried out within the framework of the twinning to support Tunisian television in better fulfilling its public service mission, better identify its audiences and affirm its values.