Editing and mixing for radio (Beginner/Advanced)

Editing and mixing for radio (Beginner/Advanced)

With the digitalisation of radio - especially in small radio stations - it is essential that journalists and producers are able to produce a programme. Discover how to produce a professional radio show with technicians from RFI.

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Course objectives:

  • How to use different radio editing software

  • How to edit sound on a computer

  • Understanding the basics of radio editing

  • Understanding the different types of radio editing (script, interview, report, promo)

  • Practising radio mixing on a computer



  • Editing sound on a computer

  • The unity and rhythm of editing

  • The basics of editing and using sound effects

  • The basics of editing and using music

  • The basics of mixing a variety of sounds

  • Carrying out, listening, analysis and correction of exercises

Teaching method:

Practical use of digital software

Target audience: Radio journalists, sound technicians
Maximum number of trainees : 10
Duration: 5 to 10 days

Location : On-site