Interview technique (Beginner/Advanced)

Interview technique (Beginner/Advanced)

Interviewing is one of the cornerstones of radio - whether it is used for gathering information, giving an idea of the atmosphere, or creating a memorable moment. There is no such thing as a bad interviewee, just bad a interviewer! Learn how to plan and conduct effective interviews with journalists from RFI.

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Course objectives:

  • How to carry out an interview

  • Dealing with a sensitive interviewee

  • How to cope with all situations


  • The role of the interviewer

  • The different types of interviews and ways of asking questions (live, pre-recorded or telephone interviews, TV or radio interviews)

  • Interview preparation: background information, guest selection, planning an interview, choosing the opening question)

  • Carrying out the interview: the guest’s behaviour, news context, listening, respecting the plan

  • Coping with a difficult interview

  • Time management and dealing with different constraints

Teaching method:

The training centres around practical work and theory (role-play, professional situations, practical exercises, group feedback) Use of video to encourage self-evaluation among trainees.

Target audience: Journalists and radio presenters

Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 5 days

Location: On-site