Radio presenting (Beginner/Advanced)

Radio presenting (Beginner/Advanced)

Presenters must always make their listeners feel like they are with them as they go about their daily routine. Radio presenters must be dynamic, upbeat, imaginative, reactive and extremely knowledgeable about their subject. Discover how to achieve this with the presenters at RFI, who will help you refine your style and expand your skills.

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Course objectives:

  • Understanding the specifics and different types of radio shows

  • How to write scripts when radio presenting

  • Voice training

  • How to interact with listeners

  • The rules of interviewing and reporting for this type of programme

  • Understanding the basics of radio presenting


  • The basic rules of radio presenting

  • Identifying your listener and choosing topics

  • Writing for radio presenting

  • Pitching your voice and adapting it to different music

  • Techniques for interacting with listeners

  • Interviews and reports during radio shows

  • Choosing music

  • Producing a radio show and creating a rundown

  • Rules and attitudes when broadcasting

  • Production, listening, analysis and correction of radio show presenting  

Teaching method:

  • Role-play

  • Recorded practical exercises

  • Feedback

Target audience: Radio presenters

Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 5 to 10 days depending on the level of trainees
Location: On-site