Radio station jingles (Beginner/Advanced)

Radio station jingles (Beginner/Advanced)

Creating a jingle will strengthen the image of your radio station. A catchy tune, a recognisable voice, a punchy slogan, a lively sign-on… Every radio station needs an effective sound signature to survive and stand out from the growing competition.

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Course objectives:

  • Deciding on a musical identity

  • Coming up with an original jingle


  • Devise, create and develop your station’s image

  • Offering your signature sound in a variety of forms

  • Strengthening your station’s image

  • Highlighting your station’s selling points against competition

  • How to create dynamic programme schedule

  • Making content more attractive and accessible

  • Writing for the radio: Jingles, trailers, adverts

  • On-air programming: Soundtracks, trailers

  • Organising and structuring a strategy department

Target audience: Directors, technicians, station managers

Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 5 to 10 days

Location: On-site