Studio operation (Advanced)

Studio operation (Advanced)

This workshop allows technicians and sound operators to improve their operation of studios for broadcasting and radio production. Some theory work will deal with the basics of analogue and digital sound. Technicians will practice using studio equipment largely through practical work.

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Course objectives:

  • Understanding the basics of analogue sound

  • Understanding how to use digital sound tools

  • How to create high quality sound in a studio

  • How to use mixing desk and equipment

  • How to produce live radio shows


  • Definition of sound and the elements of analogue and digital sound

  • Connection and transporting signal

  • Microphone technology and sound recording techniques

  • Converting analogue signals to digital

  • Choosing conversion and compression formats

  • Using digital production software

  • Practical exercises, including sound mixing

  • How to direct a live show

  • Practical exercises in how to operate the mixing desk and equipment

Teaching method: 30% theory and 70% practical exercises

Target audience: Technicians, producers
Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 10 days

Location: On-site