Chair debates (Beginner/Advanced)

Chair debates (Beginner/Advanced)

Every news channel stages daily debates in order to analyse the day’s top stories. How should the guests be grouped? How does the presenter make the debate coherent? How do they stimulate the discussion? Debate specialists from France 24 will share their techniques on galvanising a debate programme.

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Course objectives:

  • How to chair a lively debate

  • Mastering interview technique and bouncing off ideas

  • How to steer the discussion and slip-ups


  • Debate themes

  • Set designs

  • Choosing the right guests

  • Highlights the issues under debate

  • Introducing and concluding debates

  • Managing speaking time

Teaching method:

The course starts off with a presentation on theory followed by exercises practicing live debates. Participants will take turns playing the guests. Professional actors can also be invited to play the guests. Numerous opportunities for group video review and feedback.

Target audience: Presenters

Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 5 days

Location: On-site