Piece-to-camera (Beginner/Advanced)

Piece-to-camera (Beginner/Advanced)

To give credibility to their work, broadcasters often report in the field - on the frontline, in the middle of a protest or at the site of a disaster. France 24 will share with you several rules about the content and form of special reports that must be respected to ensure that on the ground reports are appropriate.

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Course objectives:

  • Being at ease in front of a camera outside and during an ongoing situation

  • Reporting an event

  • Learning how to work quickly and at times in difficult environments


  • Understanding the building blocks for on-camera credibility

  • Perfecting your body language

  • Expressing yourself clearly and simply

  • How to work with space, moving while presenting (walk and talk technique)

  • Choosing a setting that works

  • Live interviews

Teaching method:

  • Intensive on the ground training with real life situations and feedback

Target audience: Reporters

Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 3 days

Location:  On-site