Long-format reports (beginner/advanced)

Long-format reports (beginner/advanced)

Every week France 24 broadcasts long-format reports lasting 6, 13 or 26 minutes. Learn the best work process from those who report from all over the world. From determining an angle, choosing interviewees, to planning an outline and editing, the reporters at France 24 will walk you through this difficult exercise.  

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Course objectives:

  • How to produce a long-format report

  • Determining an angle and finding interviewees

  • How to make the most of surroundings and drawing on the best subjects

  • Bringing your surroundings to life by editing video footage and audio


  • Why is an angle important?

  • Documentation

  • Finding locations

  • Working on the ground and interview techniques

  • Communicating with your cameraman

  • What not to forget before leaving the shooting location

  • Planning how to edit your report

  • Scriptwriting

  • Audio editing

Teaching method: Broadcasting in real-life situations, personally accompanied in the field by the course leader.

Target audience: Reporters

Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 5 days

Location: On-site