Producing news bulletins (advanced)

Producing news bulletins (advanced)

“Early shift”, “late shift”, “midday conference”: television channels build their schedules around news segments. Discover how to construct a 2 or 3-hour news bulletin by including news programmes, analysis, debates, reports and how to manage editorial teams with the news editors at France 24.  

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Course objectives:

  • How to build a 2 or 3-hour news bulletin

  • Developing an experienced team

  • Managing different team members (presenters, editors, producers, guests)


  • Determining components in a rundown and their length

  • Varying rhythm and themes

  • Foreseeing potential events by preparing in advance for breaking news

  • Leading daily conferences and prep meetings

  • Team management

Teaching method:

Looking at different types of news bulletins. Practical exercises on how to construct a news bulletin.

Target audience: News channel directors, news editors, producers

Number of trainees: 10

Duration: 3 days

Location: On-site