Covering terrorism-related affairs

Covering terrorism-related affairs

The increase in terror attacks worldwide poses a challenge for media professionals. Should journalists systematically cover such dramatic events at the risk of becoming a propaganda tool? Should journalists instead dismiss such events and risk being accused of covering up the truth? Compare the different ways of treating information with managers at France Medias Monde.

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Course objectives

  • Learning about the different propaganda tools used by terrorist groups

  • How to filter information according to ethical standards


  • Studying the propaganda methods of different terrorist organisations

  • Learning how to verify information on social media

  • Overview of legislative and ethics codes

  • Case studies

Teaching method: Reviewing and studying case studies. Discussions and debate. A lot of practical group work. Interactive activities during which each participant can express their ideas and the group works to find collective solutions.

Target audience: All journalists in an editorial team

Duration: 1 day

Location: On-site