Filming with a drone (beginner)

Filming with a drone (beginner)

Whether it’s a town in ruins after a battle, an earthquake or a migrant crisis, there are many situations which require aerial shots to improve a viewer’s understanding of the story. Specialists at France 24 will teach you the techniques for operating drones and their journalistic purpose.

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Course objectives:

  • Operating and programming a drone

  • Understanding when to use a drone and how to film for a report

  • Highlighting the most powerful images through effective editing and audio editing

  • Sharing images as quickly as possible with your editorial team and/or on social media


  • Why use a drone?

  • Preparing and setting up the equipment

  • Using a drone in the field

  • What images to film with a drone

  • How to steer a drone to achieve different shots

  • Questions to ask before and during shooting

  • Planning video editing

  • What sound to include with aerial images

  • Shooting for video editing

Teaching method: Broadcasting in real-life situations, personally accompanied in the field by the course leader.

Target audience: Video journalists and cameramen

Duration: 4 days (one day for familiarising oneself with the equipment, learning what shots are needed for reports and about safety measures, one day for learning how to operate a drone and digitalisation, one day for shooting, editing and sharing on social media)

Location: On-site