The Académie offers both onsite training courses, trainings at the France 24, MCD, RFI headquarters in Paris, and consulting. Each of these operations is tailor-made in accordance with Clients' expressed requirements and constraints (course language, deadlines, etc) and is followed by a detailed quotation. This quotation includes the trainer days of preparation, days of travel to go onsite, days of training and various logistical costs.

We conduct market surveys, as well as TV and radio audience measurement studies to assess your strategic positioning in the audiovisual envirionment. Collected data are provided in the form of reports, with an array of performance improvement proposals.

France Médias Monde group, comprising FRANCE 24, MCD and RFI, has a long and rich experience of both quantitative and qualitative studies and regularly carries out audience opinion polls in collaboration with international broadcasters, notably on the African continent.

The Académie can contribute to the training of radio and TV professionals in the field of opinion polls and listener/viewer relationships by offering courses that: 

  • Allow participants to reflect on and respond to questions posed by partners (the place and role of opinion polls, creating and managing a department dedicated to studies, etc.)
  • Provide an introduction and advanced training in audience measurement methodologies and concepts (drawing up surveys, using results) and their applications (audience and competitive analysis), both in programme scheduling and marketing
  • Teach participants how to develop marketing arguments and develop price grids for marketing and sales managers
  • Cover the relationship with listeners and viewers: mail management, dealing with Internet user panels, etc. The course will highlight those Internet user panels that should enable participants to conduct studies as cost effectively as possible.

Target audience: Heads of stations and programme scheduling, journalists, news editors, sales managers
Maximum number of participants: 10
Typical course length: 5 days
Location : Onsite

The Académie provides you with the industry's best practices to optimise your organisation chart & create collaborative envionments.

In addition to more conventional training sessions, the Académie can also offer assistance to broadcasters wishing to provide coaching to managers, news editors and studio technicians. Coaching enables players to take action at all levels of a company by considering organisational issues, the organisational chart and the interactions between different functions. 

Coaching sessions are organised in three stages:

  • Audit and diagnosis
  • Recommendations
  • Assistance with instigating the change management process.

Course leaders

The Académie's team of French and African experts are specialised in both commercial and community radio and television coaching, both in the areas of news management and studio production.

Maximum number of participants: 10
Typical course length: minimum of 2 sessions of 10 days: monitoring the competencies acquired during the first session is essential.
Location : Onsite