Press review (Beginner/Advanced)

Press review (Beginner/Advanced)

Acknowledging a wide variety of opinions, quoting work by newspaper and online journalists, bringing information or a photo to light are the aims of a press review. Learn how to deliver an informative and original press review by including a variety of media outlets and different points of views with specialists at France 24.

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Course objectives:

  • Reading between the lines of news stories

  • How get across the main points and unearth the finer details

  • How to mix print and online

  • Finding your presenting style


  • Distinguishing news stories from opinion pieces in the written press

  • Online news

  • How to read between the lines

  • The role of humour and irony

  • Making links between stories (the role of common themes)

Teaching method: Intensive training and reviewing videos


Target audience: Reporters and presenters

Maximum number of trainees: 10

Duration: 3 days
Location: On-site